Wes Fif Off Top Music Video Shoot

The latest Wes Fif mixtape project International Drive, was released a few weeks ago. The rapper out of Orlando decided to team up with Lasting Blueprint Productions for his latest music video Off Top featuring Ill Essense. The Orlando rapper approached us with the idea to shoot the Off Top music video about 3 weeks ago. We previously collaborated on the Wes Fif Beep music video. He knew of a location where he wanted the music video production project to take place, which was the Stigma Tattoo Bar, located in Downtown Orlando. Wes Fif wanted to have a high energy club feel for the music video production. We teamed up on the  ideas for the Off Top music video storyline. Once we came up with the music video treatment, it was up to us to make sure the location was packed with enough people to present an authentic club environment. We reached out to extras casting agencies PTs Pretty Girls and Vibrant Vixens to provide on screen talent for the music video shoot. We also included Orlando based comedian Jersey in the storyline.

Wes Fif Off Top Screen Shot 2 - Wes Fif Off Top Music Video Shoot

Wes Fif Off Top Screen Shot 3 - Wes Fif Off Top Music Video Shoot

This had to be the most fun and challenging music video shoots to date. Dealing with a lot of people with a small camera crew is not an easy task to do. We also ran into quite a few issues throughout the video production process. However, nothing is perfect and we did manage to get the Wes Fif Off Top music video did get completed! Thank you to everyone involved in the project.

Watch the Wes Fif music video Off Top.