Fashion Photo Shoot Behind the Scenes

Orlando Fashion Stylist Clorissa Wright setup a fashion photo shoot for a city chic and make up addiction concept that she had. The team that was used for this particular shoot was, Orlando fashion model Ashlee Radka, Orlando fashion photographer Nigel Elliott, and Tampa makeup artist Tina Roberts. Clorissa wanted the shoot to be documented, so Lasting Blueprint Productions (Leon Bailey) was called upon to do so. The makeup addiction concept was pretty unique because it was if the model was addicted to cocaine, but instead was addicted to make up. Most of the photo shoot was done at the Downtown Orlando Monkey Bar, but a few shots were also done on location in different areas of Downtown Orlando, such as Orange Avenue and Magnolia Avenue by the library and Club Vain. Please take a moment to look below at some of the behind the scenes pictures from the makeup addiction and city chic styled photo shoot. The behind the scenes fashion video production is also available for you to visualize as well. Hope that you enjoy!

lasting blueprint bts video blog 102112 2

lasting blueprint bts video blog 102112 1

Fashion Photo Shoot Team

Fashion Model: Ashlee Radka // Photographer: Nigel Elliott // Videographer: Leon Bailey // Makeup Artist: Tina Roberts // Fashion and Hair Stylist: Clorissa Wright