VFlex Fitness Workout Videos

VFlex Fitness, which is a new development from Lucy’s Bazar Brazil, wanted to have two web promo videos produced for their new website in conjunction with the opening of their new Orlando gym, located on International Drive. The promotional videos would both feature VitaFlex brand ambassador and international fitness model Bella Falconi.

One of the workout videos would consist of Bella Falconi exercising and the second would be a 60 second web video where she talks about the gym services that VFlex Fitness offers to it’s members. The goal of VFlex is to have a location where members can improve their body, mind and soul by providing them with a better life style.

Two years ago we produced a set of VitaFlex Life Style videos for Bella Falconi at Gold’s Gym in Dr. Phillips, Orlando, Florida and now we have produced fitness videos for her at her company’s gym. Talk about coming full circle! What an accomplishment for the Brazilian fitness model!

vflex fitness bella falconi workout videos orlando video production company lasting blueprint 01 - VFlex Fitness Workout Videos


Here’s a look at the promo videos featuring Bella Falconi that Lasting Blueprint Productions created.



We hope that you the enjoyed watching the VFlex Fitness videos! Are you a fitness model in Orlando and interested in having Lasting Blueprint Productions make a workout promo video for you? Please use our contact page! Thank you for stopping by and take care!