Ill Essense – Ill-Uminati Mixtape Trailer

Orlando artist Ill Essense, hard at work on his new Hip-Hop mixtape project, Ill-Uminati, was finally complete after over a year of recording. The idea was pitched to him to shoot a mixtape trailer as well as an interview and release them bit by bit until the release of the Ill-Uminati mixtape.

Scheduled to be in the studio with Orlando rapper and the Street Smart Music label mate, Wes Fif at Real Feel Recording Studio. I got into contact with Ill Essense and presented the idea to him of shooting the mixtape trailer and interviews at the studio. He agreed, so he came to the studio that evening as well. After coming up with a few interview questions for him to answer, he presented the idea of rapping one of the projects songs. He wanted the mixtape trailer to have an energetic feel to it. He selected the song Yall Ready Kno, produced by Diamond Style.
ill essense mixtape trailer blog 1.jpg - Ill Essense - Ill-Uminati Mixtape Trailer

We went outside of the studio to the store next door to do the interview. Two cameras were used to shoot. One was placed on a tripod and another on a shoulder rig. The shooting style purpose was to have one angle be still and another contains movement. Rap artist Wyl-D who was also at the studio helped out by asking the questions and making sure that while shooting with the Shoulder Rig, the camera, did not interfere with the shot or Ill Essense.

After wrapping up the interview, we went back into the studio and into the booth to begin shooting the mixtape trailer. Once again, a multi camera method, but this time, different angles were used on each take. The main shot that used for the mixtape trailer was a low-angle shot.  The room setup and lighting would be a great backdrop for the low-angle shot while he was being shooted performing the track.

After we finished the studio shots, it was a wrap. It took about 2 hours total from the planning to the shooting. We all were very pleased with what we were able to accomplish. Ill Essense then decided that he wanted to release the mixtape September 18th. The close date would not provide enough time for post processing to release interview blogs and then the mixtape trailer. So, the decision was made to edit the questions into the mixtape trailer. The format would be similar to the first mixtape trailer that we produced, Wes Fif – It Aint Hard To Tell, but with this one, when it was time to edit, the plan was to be strict and stick to movie trailer guidelines. When it was final and someone watched it, we wanted it to be an actual trailer as if you saw it before a movie From the MPAA warning to the time limit.

Enjoy the Ill Essense Ill-Uminati mixtape trailer!