Importance of Video Production For Law Firm Marketing

It can be a daunting dilemma as an attorney to draw in additional clients for your firm if you constantly use the same old and worn out law firm marketing plan. How can you find new clients and gain a level of trust before ever meeting them in person or talking to them on the phone? The simple answer is with professional law firm videos.

When considering video you can go the amateur route and do it yourself or hire one of the best video production companies who has had years of experience. Perhaps the biggest advantage to make a video is to make a connection with a prospective client so they can see exactly what you and your law firm is about before ever dealing with you on a personal basis. This is because scientific studies have concluded that the humans can establish more trust with people that they have seen and heard before. But the video must be done right, because an amateur produced video can actually repel clients. Experienced video producers know how to draw in customers and clients, and will make the end product a strong case for your firm. When the professional video production service is completed, it will benefit your likability for both yourself and your law firm.

law firm marketing orlando video production company lasting blueprint - Importance of Video Production For Law Firm Marketing
Images courtesy of Orlando Professional Photographer Oliver Manuel.

After the law firm video is produced, the next immediate step is to properly market the video to make the expense of the professional production worthwhile. Clients who need lawyers are always there but you need a way to be interested and have them watch your video. And because every day more people are using tablets and smartphones, video has become a very logical medium. According to Comscore, online videos reach 85% of the US audience. More consumers make quick decisions on products and services, and putting a high quality video production out for them will help them choose your firm. Video is no longer a luxury, it is mandatory if you want to grow your firm and gain new clients with your law firm marketing plan.

Google and Youtube work as a team. Google is the number one search engine and the second is Youtube. When lawyer’s sites are ranked in Google it is much more likely that a site with a law firm video will rank hire in the organic search rankings as opposed to an attorney’s site with no videos on law firm marketing. And when your law video production gets more views on Youtube the higher it will rank on Youtube and there is a snowball effect. By placing a video on your law firm web site and other social media outlets, it will definitely help you gain more clients. Be the next law firm to embrace video for online marketing.

When it comes to video there are many things to think about, from the overall plan, to the production and the law firm marketing strategy. The great thing is when you hire a top video production company to help with all of these steps to make a professional law office video; you do not need to pay a premium price. Despite of what you may think, hiring a company to produce your law videos is extremely affordable. The first step in selecting a video production company is to do your homework and ask around. Once you select the best video production company for your project, be very clear to your needs and expectations as well as budget.


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