How To Shoot A Video Interview

Shooting a video interview is one of the best and most important marketing and promotion methods to spread your message and raise public awareness about a business, service, or topic of interest. Shooting an interview video isn’t a difficult task at all, but that does not necessarily mean that everyone is trained to produce quality interview content. Are you considering having a professional looking interview shot? The best way to shoot a video interview is to have a proficient video production company shoot the interview shoot. Having a professional looking interview is an extremely powerful tool to have when it pertains to video storytelling. For video production companies as well as individuals who are looking to have an interview shoot take place, we have great tips for successful video interviewing.

There are a couple of successful ways to shoot professional looking video interviews, such as a single-camera or multi-camera setup. Before shooting your interview, during the pre-production stage, you need to decide whether you want to be the lone person on camera or have a host or reporter interview you and be seen in the video interview as well. If you decide to be interviewed by a host or reporter, the best approach would be to use a two camera interview setup. If one camera is the only option, you can still manage to shoot an interview with a host or reporter. You could have the subject and interviewer sit next to each other or you could get creative and shoot the interviewer asking the questions, then your responses individually, and then during post production, edit the two together. For a two person interview, using the single-camera setup the latter method is not suggested as it takes a lot more work and might not flow the way that you want narratively. Hiring an Orlando video production company, such as Lasting Blueprint Productions who has the tools and resources needed to help and prepare the client for a video interview is recommended.

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For interview shoots, typically video production companies have the interviewer ask a series of questions and later edit them out to create a video where the interviewee is telling a story. When you listen to the answers, you should get an idea of the ‘question’ behind the answer. With a corporate video production or testimonial video interview, having the subject repeat the company name and what they are representing is very important.

The success of a video interview shoot for a video production company relies on the comfortably that the interviewee has throughout the interview. If he or she isn’t feeling relaxed during interview, it will absolutely show on the camera. You don’t want bad body language, facial expressions, or unpleasant answers to be recorded. If you make the interviewee feel at ease, positive and honest responses with great candor will happen throughout the interview. You want genuine answers because that is what people watching the interview want. No one wants to be deceived, so making the subject feel comfortable is always one of the main points to shooting a successful interview shoot.

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A good strategy to conduct a successful video interview is that open-ended questions during the interview should be asked. The subject should be encouraged to dig deep and give good meaningful answers. Questions like, “tell me about your charities relationship within the community” are natural and conversational, so they absolutely should be asked. This gives the subject a wide variety of ways to answer the questions more objectively. It’s much better than a closed-ended question which encourages a “yes” or “no” answer, which you do not want to have. Audiences want to experience genuine emotion, so asking an open-ended question will definitely get great responses by the subject and an exceptional video interview will be delivered.

When asking those open-ended questions, be an attentive listener and don’t interrupt while the subject is speaking. Watch them by making constant eye contact, smile, and nod your head while they speak. It shows that you are connecting with the speaker and they will continue to open up more. Depending on their replies, a follow up question might be there for the taking, so if there is one, don’t be afraid to ask! Keep in mind segues and transitions! Just don’t move on to the next question that you have written down if you feel as if the subject can elaborate on their response.

Remember, an interview is doing a job, but it is also just a good conversation between two people. Questions are asked and answers are given. Do your research and use your brain! Know what you are going to ask and what you want to get out of the interview. With that said, you want things to flow and be pleasant, so don’t go 100% by the script and be a robot, be a friend! Whether you are the person conducting the interview or the person answering the questions, just relax and remember, everything will be just fine. We hope that you enjoyed this read on how shoot a video interview