How To Market A Conference With Promotional Videos

A great turnout is the essence of meetings and conferences that is organized by a professional event planner or conference organizer. You want to market a conference and maximize all avenues to get people to attend and be educated by your conferences initiative. Here is a secret we will gladly let you in on. Great promotional videos for conferences provides wonderful exposure and increase the number of individuals that attend your events. We create highlight videos from a full day of conference recording that will catch the attention of prospective attendees and with your original content, give them every reason to show up at your next conference. Many people believe that conference video production is not worth the ROI, so they choose not to add it to the planning checklist. Well, we are here to change the minds of naysayers and help improve methods of those that do have their conference documented. Below are some tips on how to market a conference with promotional videos.

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Outline What Your Conference Has to Offer

One thing that makes people want to attend an event is knowing the benefits and gaining the assurance that they wouldn’t be wasting their time by attending. Video is a powerful way of letting your potential attendees see what they can gain from attending the conference, it is a known fact that visual content is more effective than written words. Make sure that your video clearly explains conference benefits, such as opportunities to learn, to network and meet people, approachable guest speakers, and experiences of your conference that will help prospective attendees be inspired to be present at your next conference.

Your Conference Website Page Should Include Video

On your website event page, Make sure that it clearly outlines all the fine details of the conference. Each point in the text has to also be stressed throughout the promotional video. Having a video included is essential. Research shows that people would rather watch a video at the bottom of a web page than reading the written content of the page. Videos are very powerful, so use it to get people to make the decision to fill out that conference registration form. As part of the online conference marketing plan, upload your promo videos to popular video channels such as Vimeo and YouTube.

Blog Posts NEED to Include Your Promotional Videos

One of the best ways to promote your conference online is with a blog post. Blogging provides an avenue for you to interact with the visitors of your website. As you network with more people, the awareness of your event gradually spreads. Do not forget to embed promotional videos into your blog posts. Including video you’re your shareable, valuable, and quality content that you post, you increase the chances of increasing the attendance of your conference.


Market A Conference With Video Sent Via Email list

A simple Email to thank those that were in attendance of your previous conference and inviting them to be present at the next one goes a long way. In addition, having the conference highlight video of the past conference embedded or linked to in the Email is a great way to prepare readers for the next conference. 60% of marketers use video in email marketing, so don’t be the 40% that does not.

Market A Conference With Social Media

Social media is a great way to market a conference and grow your network. Promoting on the popular social media sites will undoubtedly pay off. Video content is shared more than text and the retention rate for visual information can reach 65% vs. 10% for text-based information. YouTube is also the second largest search engine. Using the proper avenues of social media will get more eyes on your conference events. This increases the likelihood of more attendees, which is what you ultimately want. Encourage others to share your blog posts and conference videos with their followers as well.

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Understanding the benefits of conference videography and the importance of having a promo video created will go a long way for your event marketing strategy as it will help you create a widespread awareness of your conference as well as increase the number of attendees at your conference. It takes some time, effort and resources, but the outcome is quite rewarding. Hopefully our tips on how to market a conference with promotional videos will be helpful to your business in the present and the future. Planning a conference and want it to be documented and endorsed with a good promo video? Lasting Blueprint Productions would love to capture your conference event in Orlando. Just contact us!