Florida Cannabis Coalition Conference April 2014

The Florida Cannabis Coalition hired Lasting Blueprint to provide event video production services for their conference. The April 26, 2014 inaugural One Common Bond conference was held in Tampa, Florida. It was an all day Saturday business and career event, hosted by Pete Sessa (COO) and Tom Quigley (CEO) at Ybor City’s premiere historic event venue The Cuban Club, which brought in many guest experts in the legalization of marijuana industry to educate, motivation, and consult attendees of the conference on different a aspects of the Florida Right to Medical Marijuana Initiative, Amendment 2, which is up for a voting November 4, 2014.

florida cannabis coalition tampa event video production lasting blueprint 01 - Florida Cannabis Coalition Conference April 2014

“We believe in medical cannabis. In the proven good it can do to ease needless pain and suffering, as well as the wide-ranging proven economic benefits of a legal cannabis industry,” said Thomas Quigley, Founder & CEO Florida Cannabis Coalition. “Jobs will be created. New businesses will be born. All as we help people live better lives and make the world a better place. With laws changing and opportunities growing rapidly, I can’t think of a better business to be in, or a better time to be in it, than this one right now.”

Lasting Blueprint Productions were hired to do the conference videography of the daylong event, which consisted of shooting the guest speakers, Q&A sessions with attendees, and edit together a short highlight video showcasing the day’s speakers (Jason Sammis, Dana Moxley-Cummings, Shawn Gearhart, Dominic Fariello, Tyler Markwart, Jeff Dayton, and Brad Weinstock). You can watch it below:


The marijuana business conference attendees had the opportunity to socialize with the guest speakers as well as meet investors, attorneys, and business owners.

“This is not a ‘cannabis school’ or one-off seminar,” added the Florida Cannabis Coalition CEO. “We are a network of strategic business partners right here in Florida dedicated to helping patients access the best care and bringing the business of cannabis into the 21st century.”

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