Improve Your Business With An Effective Testimonial Video

An effective testimonial video is such a powerful marketing tool because of its visual statement to the character of your brand. Video testimonials aren’t exactly the easiest to attain, but they aren’t mission impossible. The hard part about filming people to express their adoration for your events and organization is actually scheduling the actual time to do them. However, with a little resourcefulness and a drive to actually plan to create testimonial videos, something wonderful can definitely happen, such as, high quality testimonial videos for business. Getting those clients, employees, or members to give open and honest opinions will go a long way to building up a strong trustworthy brand. It’s an essential element to your marketing strategy.

Case in point, Disney 2015 Meeting attendees provided Lasting Blueprint Productions with great answers to testimonial video questions, for us to complete the video production project for Prima Eye Group to use for several years.

For two days at the Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort Convention Center for the Prima Eye Group Disney 2015 Meeting Lasting Blueprint Productions with the help of Prima’s Director of Marketing, Melissa Metcalf, we interviewed 14 Optometrists, all Prima Eye Group members. Day one was inside the Grand Floridian Ballroom and day two in the Grand Foyer. The 14 Doctors of Optometry covered a few topics such as the Disney 2015 Meeting, how Prima Eye Group has helped their practice, and why should an Optometrist become a member of the practice management firm. Each doctor in their own words covered all topics very eloquently and if any potential member had any concerns, just watching one Prima member testimonial video would erase any doubt.


Most of the testimonial videos shot at the Disney 2015 Meeting were just about a minute in length and for the OD’s that participated, it was a stress-free time for them to speak on a practice management firm service that they strongly believe in. 15 great testimonial videos were created shortly after the annual conference , with one being a longer version featuring Dr. Kerry Giedd of Eola Eyes, Dr. Wayne Zahka of Westwood Eye Care and Optical, Dr. Jeff Ward of Highlands Ranch Optical, and Dr. Jack Sol Mermelstein Testimonial Video of Resident Eye Care Associates. For Prima Eye Group, the testimonial videos can be accessed on their website, played at future conference events, shared on social media, shared within their network for more exposure, and used for all video marketing materials as well. That is the power of an effective testimonial video.

Prima Eye Group is a practice management firm for optometrists. Founded by Dr. Jerry Hayes and Dr. Neil Gailmard, Prima Eye Group gives private practice ODs the knowledge as well as peer support they need to attain greater heights. The members of Prima Eye Group enjoy nonstop consulting, business-building education, and practice management support for a low once-a-month fee. Prima Eye Group’s aim is to help ODs regardless of their size figure out how to increase revenue and jumpstart sales while growing their personal freedom and fulfillment of ownership.

Creating an effective testimonial video is a great video marketing strategy

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Prima Eye Group members like Dr. Stacy Hinkemeyer of PineCone Vision Center who partook in the filming of testimonial videos on day two served as an outstanding advocate for the Atlanta based practice management firm. Here’s a video marketing tip for you! An effective testimonial video production will feature members or clients who are very aware of the advantages of online marketing. They will most likely share their testimonial with colleagues or use it as a testimonial example for business if they want their company to have them produced. Now that is a way of maximizing your video marketing!

Being able to produce a collection of testimonial videos with the endorsement of respected OD’s was superb. To have longstanding members of Prima Eye Group share their inspirational success stories and newer members just being thrilled with the results and the exceptional service they have received, provides Prima with an assortment of believable testimonial videos. They will be great to use because it will increase membership, commitment, and engagement within the association. What makes a good effective testimonial video? Having real people tell real stories and having the best video production company in Orlando, Lasting Blueprint Productions shoot it for you.