Does My Small Business Need A Promotional Video?

Owning a small business is not an easy task. If you’re funding it yourself, money is always a factor. You’re always searching for new business ideas and creative ways to market your company. We propose a promo video for marketing. As the company owner, you may think, does my small business need a promotional video? We think so and believe it’s one of the best small business ideas out there! Here’s some great advice for small businesses that are interested in growth.

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A lot of small business owners usually leave promotional video production out of their marketing budget probably because they see promo videos as being expensive. Many do not realize the variety of content that can be produced, like a promo video. Not to mention quite a few small business owners do not feel comfortable being in front of a video camera. Another reason which personally hurts us so bad is that many small business owners do not think that video content is important. That bit of information is simply not true at all. In fact Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says that 90% of the social network’s content will be video-based by 2018. Technology giant Cisco says that video content will account for 80% of all internet traffic by 2019, which is up from 64% in 2014. So now, that we’ve given a couple of nuggets, let’s get deeper into the Does My Small Business Need a Promotional Video question? Here are a few reasons why promotional videos are important for small businesses.

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To gain Trust

The basic rule of marketing lets us know that people prefer doing business with companies they trust, like and are familiar with. Small businesses typically lack the marketing budget that similar but larger companies have to brand themselves. A lot of marketing coaches suggest getting reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, or other platforms. How about going the extra mile with a promo video that features client testimonials? What better way is there to gain trust than to have customers share their opinions on your business? It’s such a remarkable chance to help potential customers become more acquainted with how you will serve them.

Promo videos can help explain your products/services better than words

We’ve already mentioned what Cisco and Mark Zuckerberg had to say about video content for the future, but here’s another piece of juicy info. According to Animoto, 4 out of 5 shoppers say a video showing how a product or service works is important. Here’s a quick example. We provide a lot of event videography to clients. Most are from out of town, so they Google Orlando videographer. Without the ability to watch content, how will they choose the best Orlando video production company for their event? Potential customers want to be amazed by a product or service before they commit to purchasing. Us typing a full page article explaining our video production services with not one piece of content to watch is not going to bring us any business opportunities.

Promotional videos are flexible and versatile

We’re a small business so we know that you won’t have a bunch of capital (yet), so the great thing about a promo video is that you can use it whenever and however you like. You can use it on your website, YouTube ads, social media, at your office, in meetings, and even when you’re out networking. But you know what makes promo videos for small businesses work? The fact that you can use it for however long it fits your marketing and branding.

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We gave you three reasons that should answer your “does my small business need a promotional video” question, but here’s a bonus! Three types of promo videos for small business marketing.

Company Overview Video

A video that introduces your company, mission, customer service, and products can make your business stand out and make prospective buyers want to purchase a product and/or service from you. It is very beneficial to use video for small business marketing because it reveals how unique your business is and how serious you are with branding it. See for yourself with this web video we produced for Common Bond Collaborative, a Tampa, Florida small business.


Service or Product Video

You want a good web video which describes your services and products and how it is beneficial in 1-3 minutes. Believe us when we that using video for small business is a great idea because it will go a long way to help grow your marketing strategy. Have a quick look at this promo video that we produced for Orlando makeup artist Alecia Renee.


Customer Testimonial Videos

We spoke about this earlier in the “does my small business need a promotional video” blog post, but we will talk about it a  little bit more. Customer testimonial videos is a great way you can use video for small business marketing. You’re giving prospective customers the assurance that your service, product, and brand is proven, trusted & respected. It is also very important to always include honest customer feedback in your videos. Ask customers to share their experience in using your service or products. Testimonial video production is a very effective marketing strategy and is worth the time and effort. View our customer testimonial video reel.


Hopefully we have answered the question of “does my small business need a promotional video?”. We love writing blogs for business owners. Providing sage advice for small businesses owners is needed. Everyone starts somewhere and if people don’t share tips with you, then how will you know? We hope you enjoyed reading! Please drop a comment below and let us know your thoughts!