Canna-Ed Day July 2014 Conference

On July 11, 2014, the Florida Cannabis Coalition hosted their third conference event, Canna-Ed Day at the Renaissance Boca Raton Hotel. The live event had over 200 attendees which included everyone from doctors to potential patients.

Canna-Ed Day, the third event in the state hosted by the Florida Cannabis Coalition, was an educational and social event that was organized to build awareness of the medical benefits of cannabis it can provide to those in need and to educate cannabis entrepreneurs about potential business opportunities if the Florida Right in order to Medical Marijuana Initiative, Amendment two vote on November 4, 2014 extends to voter approval. If ratified, Florida would legalize the cultivation, obtain, possession and use of marijuana to take care of medical conditions, debilitating ailments such as cancer, chronic pain and Lou Gehrig’s disease when recommended with a licensed physician. In short, the Sunshine State would be one of the latest medical marijuana states.

For Canna-Ed Day, there were a mix of past speakers such as The Cannamoms, Plant Scientist Tyler Markwart, Cultivation and Distribution Specialist Brad Weinstock, and new speakers, Adam Bierman, President of The MedMen, Sue Taylor of medical cannabis dispensary, Harborside Health Center and advocate for senior citizens, Steve Edmonds, libertarian environmentalist and co-founder of One Florida Foundation, and Tony Gallo, Senior Director of Sapphire Protection.

canna ed day conference boca raton 01 - Canna-Ed Day July 2014 Conference

canna ed day conference boca raton 02 - Canna-Ed Day July 2014 Conference

canna ed day conference boca raton 03 - Canna-Ed Day July 2014 Conference

The speakers all touched on a number of great topics, such as the medical benefits of cannabis, plant science, economics of medical marijuana, social impact of legalization, the politics of cannabis cultivation, marijuana investing, cannabis security, regulations and licensing.

Canna-Ed Day organizer Tom Quigley, CEO of the Florida Cannabis Coalition urged attendees to advocate for the passage of Amendment Two in November.

“We need people to get out and vote first of all, and then once they get out and vote we can start making change for whole plant cannabis,” Quigley said to reporter Sam Luvisi. “Once we get to there we have more testing, we have the advancement of the medicine, and then we can really get down to the science of how it’s used for different aspects.”


canna ed day conference boca raton 04 - Canna-Ed Day July 2014 Conference

Lasting Blueprint Productions captured the Florida Cannabis Coalition’s past two conferences, so for the event videography of Canna-Ed Day, we approached it with wanting to give potential and future attendees a great understanding of what the company is providing with their events for the state of Florida residents. With that said we slightly altered our cinematography techniques for the highlight video. As with all of our video production projects, we like to bring realism, so with this we went with a documentary style visual to tell the story of the event. A lot of camera movement and different obscure over-the-shoulder shots. We hope that you enjoy watching the Canna-Ed Day promo video!



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