5 Benefits of Corporate Video Production

What are the benefits of corporate video production for you? Lasting Blueprint knows how to make a corporate video work for your company. For those that aren’t familiar with the process, you might be missing out on so much potential business. Through the art of storytelling, there are many benefits of corporate video production, so how about we take a look at why you should start using corporate video production services to market your business.

Pursue A Story

5 benefits of corporate video production orlando lasting blueprint 01 5 Benefits of Corporate Video Production

Video allows your story to be told and for them to say something important. There are creative ways to tell a story about yourself and captivate your audience. Regardless of your business size and industry, you have the opportunity to reach for moments that mean something and create something extraordinary by helping your customers understand the benefits from your products or services. While TV commercials are great, do you honestly think that the restraints of 30-60 seconds can tell your story? With corporate video production, restraints do not matter. However, the best corporate videos on the Internet are in the 4-5 minute range. We’d recommend around 3 minutes.

It’s Fun and Easy

An important reason to incorporate video into your marketing plan is the fact that it can be whatever you want it to be. A corporate video will work best for your website, YouTube, Vimeo, and for your training videos. A good corporate video production showcases real and genuine people, which is essential to acquire new clients for your business. Being yourself and being open and honest is less stressful than memorizing lines from a script, which makes the entire video production process fun and easy.

Make The Corporate Video Production Search Engine Friendly

5 benefits of corporate video production orlando conference lasting blueprint 02 5 Benefits of Corporate Video Production

If you properly upload and optimize your video project with the correct title, description, and tags, your video will be found much easier and increases its chances to having your video rank high by top search engines such as Google and YouTube. Here is a great example of a corporate video that is properly labeled. It’s our CannaBiz Day Orlando Conference Highlight Video. No one is going to find your video if it’s titled “video from july event.mp4.” So make sure optimize your videos for Google and YouTube.

Social Media Sharing

Video works because it gives you the opportunity to share via social media. When an online video is professional and interesting, people will share it. People involved in the video production process will be happy to share it because they are a part of something great. When people love your video and share them through social media, it’s just another free way of advertising because the shares are promoting your business.

Training Videos

5 benefits of corporate video production orlando lasting blueprint 03 5 Benefits of Corporate Video Production

People would rather watch than read. Having Lasting Blueprint provide it’s corporate production services to create high quality training videos to suit your needs will go a long way. You can have one or many different training video services such as employee orientation, Compliance programs, sales, retail, product demo, Workforce and management, surveys, customer support, and interactive training, but the goal is always to create an effective training video to convey your message. Corporate videography gives employees the ability to watch the video over and over again until they retain all important information from the video. That saves a lot of time from management and improves company efficiency.

Note: We will give you one more tip as a bonus for making it this far!

Testimonial Videos

5 benefits of corporate video production orlando testimonial videos lasting blueprint 04 5 Benefits of Corporate Video Production

Although a tip, it still is one of the best benefits of corporate video production. A great way to build trust with your company’s online audience is to have customer testimonial videos. Are you wondering how to do a video testimonial? Check out How to Improve Your Business with an Effective Testimonial Video.


There many different ways to showcase and promote your brand and product, but none like a great corporate video. Contact Lasting Blueprint to find out more benefits of corporate video production.